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magic polish


All the features of the Essential plus Almond’s exclusive Magic Polish. A hybrid polish that requires no drying time and comes off effortlessly with Almond’s non-acetone Magic Remover.

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Nail extensions with our non-nipping cuticle work combine with our proprietary technology to deliver the most natural-looking artificial nails. Finish with Almond’s longer-lasting ColourGel.

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Starts off with a warm and cleansing foot soak, followed by nail trimming, shaping and non-nipper cuticle work. Finish with foot massage and Almond’s long-lasting colourgel polish.

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*Pricing may vary by individual location

Non-Polish Manicure$25.45

For those who do not want polish, but want their nails trimmed, shaped, non-nipper cuticle work, hydrating cuticle treatment and a moisturizing hand massage.

[ 30 MINUTES ]

Magic Polish Manicure$33.50

For those who want regular polish without the dry time. This polish is a hybrid of regular polish and gel, lasts longer than regular polish, so in-salon removal is preferred.

[ 45 MINUTES ]

ColourGel Polish Manicure$45.05

For those who like a longer lasting manicure on their natural nails only. ColourGel is our proprietary formula, only available at our locations. It is a strong, long lasting polish with over 400 colours and effects to choose from. ColourGel removal is included in this service.

*If Artificial nail removal is required, please book an “Almond Concept Removal” service with your appointment as extra time is required. This includes: Tips, Extensions, Almond Concept, Overlay, and Acrylic.

[ 45 MINUTES ]

Kid’s Manicure$15.75

For children ages 12 and under. Kid’s Magic Manicure is a full manicure experience that’s gentle and safe and requires no drying time. Includes our fast drying Magic Polish, nail shaping, non-nipper cuticle work, and hydrating cuticle treatment.

[ 20 MINUTES ]

Almond Concept

Almond Concept redefines what it means to get artificial nails. We combine precision engineered full forms, almond soak-off resin, with our meticulous technique to deliver the most natural look and feel nail enhancement in the market today. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals excessive fillings and buffing.

Almond Concept Full Set on Natural Nails$68.15

For those who want extensions and longer lasting nails (up to three weeks). Our proprietary alternative to artificial nails allows you to change or have a fill between a full set. No acrylic or fumes, and faster application time than traditional artificial nails, with more consistent results.
With our gel extensions you have the option to change your colour with each service.

[ 75 MINUTES ]

Almond Concept Full Set with Removal $79.15

For those who have had their artificial nail extensions longer than three weeks or those who need regular ColourGel or Shellac removed from their nails before getting extensions. Or for those who would like to completely change their nail length by selecting an alternative size and shape.

*If Artificial nail removal is required, please book an “Almond Concept Removal” service with your appointment as extra time is required. This includes: Tips, Extensions, Almond Concept, Overlay, and Acrylic.

[ 90 MINUTES ]


For those who had Almond Concept Full Set or Gel Overlay applied within the last 3 weeks and want to maintain the look of their nails. Our proprietary system allows us to fill your Concept nails or Overlay without acrylic fumes or toxins. We recommend replacing your set every 3rd service.

[ 75 MINUTES ]

Almond Gel Overlay$56.60

For those who do not want extensions or tips, but want to build and strengthen their natural nails. Excellent for long nails that need strength and want an alternative to acrylic.

[ 60 MINUTES ]

Non-Polish Toe Cure$31.50

Starts off with a warm and cleansing foot soak. Followed by toenail trimming, shaping and non-nipper cuticle work. Finish with foot massage.

[ 30 MINUTES ]

Magic Polish Pedicure$40.95

Take the Essential and add callus work, scrub exfoliation and follow with a soothing hot towel and foot massage. Finish with Almond Magic Polish, a polish that dry instantly. Waiting for polish to dry is so yesterday!

[ 45 MINUTES ]

Colour Gel Pedicure$51.45

Everything from our Magic Pedicure and choose from over 400 colour and effects. ColourGel gives vibrant and long lasting wear.

[ 45 MINUTES ]

Kid’s Pedicure$21.00

 Includes nails shaping, non-nipper cuticle work, hydrating foot massage and finish with Magic Polish, the non-smudging polish.

[ 30 MINUTES ]

Almond’s Magic Remover is non-acetone, odourless, and is an effortless way to remove Almond’s Magic Polish and ColourGel. Precisely applied only on nail polish to prevent drying your skin.

Magic Polish Removal$11.55

[ 15 MINUTES ]

ColourGel Removal$17.35

[ 15 MINUTES ]

Almond Concept Removal$23.10

[ 20 MINUTES ]

Magic Polish & ColourGel Removal are FREE with repeat services.

Includes removal of Tips, Extensions, Almond Concept, Overlay, and Acrylic.







Extra Strength$5.75


Free-hand Design$5.75


Waxing is a safe, hygienic and a reliable way in removing body hair. Unlike shaving, waxing can keep unwanted hair away for as long as 6 weeks. Almond Nail Bar use a combination of hard and soft wax to tailor service to individual’s need.

Brows Wax$17.35

Brows Tint$13.85

Lash Tint$23.10



Full Face$34.65




Lower Legs$34.65

Upper Legs$40.45

Full Legs$60.05





Full Arms$43.90


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