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Eighth Avenue 487, New York


Our Specialty


At Almond, we use a unique non-nipping technology to minimize hang-nails. We use a non-acetone polish remover so your fingertips will not expose harmful chemicals, and our polish dries instantly.


We use stainless steel tubs to disinfect effectively. Our benches are made of commercial fabric that is bacteria resistant and is easy to disinfect between clients.


The perfect eyebrows take your appearance to a new level. We offer Waxing and Threading by trained technicians who will treat your brows with the utmost care.


We combine the latest technology with the most advanced skincare product to deliver an instant result that will leave your skin glowing.

Another great experience at Almond Nail Bar. The salon is so clean and all supplies are sterilized and then sealed in their own clear envelope/sleeve. Gurinder is wonderful to work with and she remembers your preferences from the previous visit. I highly recommend Almond Nail Bar!

Leona, Winnipeg

Clean and modern nail salon with friendly staff and great service. Even my 3 years niece enjoyed her mani/pedi spa.

Sima, Winnipeg

Great customer service! Vivian does beautiful nail art?. Was very impressed to see all staff, including the manager, cleaning the salon and stations when not otherwise working with clients.

Tanya, Winnipeg

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